Media Projects Check-in (Friday, October 30, 2020)

The CMB network met on Friday, October 30, to discuss media projects…

Is There a Mental Health Equivalent of Clean Water?

The last 150 years have brought tremendous gains in public health and biomedicine that have improved well-being and survival around the globe, yet mental health has lagged behind.

Representation & Inclusiveness: Readings (w/Updates)

CMB network members have put together a list of materials they shared with each other during a recent focused discussion on Representation and Inclusiveness.

Systematic Methods for Analyzing Culture: A New Book Co-Authored by Jeffrey Snodgrass

CMB network member Jeff Snodgrass is co-author of a forthcoming…

How God Becomes Real: A new book by Tanya Luhrmann

We're excited to announce that CMB network member Tanya Luhrmann…