Focused Discussion: Brandon Kohrt (April 2021)

CMB Network member Brandon Kohrt discussed the multi-national collaborative “IDEA” project, a “risk calculator” for depression.

Focused Discussion: Brian Dias (March 2021)

The amount of stress we experience is on a spectrum. Many types of early life stress are risk factors for later psychopathology, including stress related to nutritional environment, immune system functioning (maternal activation), and air pollution. Importantly, age of exposure – critical periods – matters. Cultural differences can also play important roles in terms of whether or not behavior is considered neglect or abuse.

Innovative Methods and Scientific Progress (Shinobu Kitayama)

"We are living in a time of unprecedented methodological innovations in psychology." New essay by CMB network member and APS president Shinobu Kitayama, inspired by Amanda Gorman's poem.

Focused Discussion: S4SN Annual Meeting (Feb 2021)

The group discussed some key findings from the social neuroscience conference that shed light on neural underpinnings, or antecedents, of interpersonal biases and prejudice, primarily focusing on Shihui Han, Lasana Harris, Oriel FeldmanHall, and Kay Tye on (1) face perception/categorization; (2) dehumanization; (3) politically based neural synchrony; and (4) social homeostasis. Below is a brief recap of the talks mentioned followed by a summary of the CMB network discussion.