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Is There a Mental Health Equivalent of Clean Water?

The last 150 years have brought tremendous gains in public health and biomedicine that have improved well-being and survival around the globe, yet mental health has lagged behind.

Representation and Inclusiveness (Detailed Notes from 9/11 Focused Discussion)

Detailed Notes on Representation and Inclusiveness Discussion In…

Systematic Methods for Analyzing Culture: A New Book Co-Authored by Jeffrey Snodgrass

CMB network member Jeff Snodgrass is co-author of a forthcoming…

How God Becomes Real: A new book by Tanya Luhrmann

We're excited to announce that CMB network member Tanya Luhrmann…

Digital Social Connection and Immune Biology During COVID-19

CMB member Jeffrey Snodgrass has been awarded an NSF to study…

“The New Normal”: Focused Discussion Summary

In the first of a scheduled series of small meetings, CMB members Sam Veissière and Daniel Lende moderated a focused discussion on "The New Normal."

“The New Normal”: Suggested Readings

SAMUEL VEISSIÈRE (MODERATOR) 1. Social, Financial and Psychological…

Media Projects: Where We Are

We are pleased to announce that we have funded nine CMB media…

A Summer Like No Other

In 2018, the FPR created the  CMB network to support our colleagues,…

Social Science Perspectives on “The New Normal”

McGill's Culture, Mind, and Brain and Global Mental Health programs jointly sponsor an online roundtable discussion, hosted by McGill CMB Program co-director Samuel Veissière.

Owning Our Madness: Honoring Cultural Psychiatrist Frederick Hickling

Dr. Hickling, who died on May 7 “after a sudden illness . . . was a giant in the global movements for deinstitutionalization, community mental health and cultural psychiatry,” according to McGill CMB program co-director Laurence Kirmayer and McGill cultural psychiatrist Jazwant Guzder.

CMB Members Address COVID-19

CMB members have contributed to a variety of COVID-related projects this Spring. Please let us know if you have something to add!


To support CMB members during COVID, we are gathering resources in digital technologies that might be of particular use to our CMB members. This post focuses on editing videotaped presentations in iMovie. We have also created a new page on the FPR website as a depository for your suggestions.

Social-Cultural Computational Psychiatry & Neuroscience Network Videos Now Available on YouTube

We are thrilled to announce that Maxwell Ramstead has posted several videos from the CMB Network-funded inaugural Social-Cultural Computational Psychiatry & Neuroscience Network Workshop (4–8 Nov 2019) on YouTube. Below are two talks by Guillaume Dumas on Open Science and Hyperscanning.

Emory-Tibet Partnership Reaches a Milestone!

CMB co-director Carol Worthman and colleagues celebrate completion of the roll-out phase for incorporation of science into the Tibetan Buddhist monastic curriculum (presented to the Dalai Lama on 12/14, along with seven neuroscience books/primers we published).

Workshop Summary

The Foundation for Psychocultural Research funded the inaugural workshop of the Social-Cultural Computational Psychiatry and Neuroscience Network (SCCPNN), which took place from November 4–8, 2019, in Montreal.

SFI Complex Systems Summer School (Interdisciplinary)

I am posting this course in case a closer look at complex system…