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Psychiatry | No New Meds | via Science News

Psychiatry seemed poised on the edge of a breakthrough. In early 2011, after decades of no radically new drugs, a fundamentally different schizophrenia treatment promised relief from the psychotic hallucinations and delusions plaguing people with the disease. The new compound, devised by chemists at Eli Lilly and Co., hit a target in the brain that […]

TLS Review of Oliver Sacks’s Hallucinations

It is evident that [hallucinations] involve a top-down shaping – and sense-making – activity of the mind, which eludes the kinds of understanding available to currently fashionable reductionist accounts of the conscious mind as identical with neural activity, seen ultimately as the effects in a material brain wired into its environment of causative material events […]

The Culture of Mental Health in a Changing Oaxaca [dissertation]

Whitney L. Duncan, PhD (link to updated contact info at University of Northern Colorado) Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology University of California, San Diego, 2012 Professor Janis H. Jenkins, Chair Abstract: This dissertation examines the causes and consequences of the recent growth in Euroamerican mental health practice in Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s poorest and most […]