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Representation and Inclusiveness (Detailed Notes from 9/11 Focused Discussion)

Detailed Notes on Representation and Inclusiveness Discussion In his introduction to the focused discussion, co-moderator Dietz Stout suggested the group “share things that are challenging for us or that have worked for us” in teaching and scholarship. Dietz provided examples from his own experience this semester teaching an introduction to archaeology course and participating in […]

Systematic Methods for Analyzing Culture: A New Book Co-Authored by Jeffrey Snodgrass

CMB network member Jeff Snodgrass is co-author of a forthcoming book from Routledge (link to press information) on methods that will interest CMB scholars and researchers across the board: Systematic Methods for Analyzing Culture is a practical manual that provides step-by-step instruction for collecting and analyzing cultural data. This compact guide explains complex topics in straightforward […]