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Nature Neuroscience: Focus on Memory

This special focus includes reviews by Daniel Schacter & Elizabeth Loftus (memory and law) and Ryan Parsons & Kerry Ressler (ptsd and fear disorders): Editorial Focus on Memory Focus on Memory– pp111 doi:10.1038/nn0213-111 Full TextFocus on Memory | PDF– Focus on Memory topof page Commentary Focus on Memory Memory and law: what can cognitive neuroscience contribute?– pp119–123 Daniel Schacter […]

BBC News – Mind Mapping: Inside the Brain’s Wiring (Human Connectome Project)

We believe that these images [of fiber pathways] will be a rich source of biomarkers for diagnosis and management of mental health issues – Van Wedeen, MD, Human Connectome Project   BBC’s Pallab Ghosh interviewed Van Wedeen of Massachusetts General Hospital about Ghosh’s own 3-D diffusion spectrum MRI in  BBC News – Mind mapping: Inside the brains (via […]

Child Development and Molecular Genetics: 14 Years Later – Plomin – 2012 – Child Development – Wiley Online Library

Fourteen years ago, the first article on molecular genetics was published in this journal: Child Development, Molecular Genetics, and What to Do With Genes Once They Are Found (R. Plomin & M. Rutter, 1998). The goal of the article was to outline what developmentalists can do with genes once they are found. These new directions for developmental research are still […]