Special Issue on Sex Differences in Neuro/Psych Disorders (Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology)

Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology
Volume 35, Issue 3, Pages 253-404 (August 2014)
Sex Differences in Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders
Edited by Larry J. Young and Donald W. Pfaff

Sex differences in neurological and psychiatric disorders
Pages 253-254
Larry J. Young, Donald W. Pfaff

Etiologies underlying sex differences in Autism Spectrum Disorders (Review)
Pages 255-271
Sara M. Schaafsma, Donald W. Pfaff

Sex differences in addictive disorders (Review)
Pages 272-284
Liana Fattore, Miriam Melis, Paola Fadda, Walter Fratta

Development of the HPA axis: Where and when do sex differences manifest? (Review)
Pages 285-302
Leonidas Panagiotakopoulos, Gretchen N. Neigh

Sex differences in stress-related psychiatric disorders: Neurobiological perspectives (Review)
Pages 303-319
Debra A. Bangasser, Rita J. Valentino

Sex differences in anxiety and depression clinical perspectives (Review)
Pages 320-330
Margaret Altemus, Nilofar Sarvaiya, C. Neill Epperson

Sex differences in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Candidate genetic and endocrine mechanisms (Review)
Pages 331-346
William Davies

Gender differences in autoimmune disease (Review)
Pages 347-369
S.T. Ngo, F.J. Steyn, P.A. McCombe

Sex differences in Parkinson’s disease (Review)
Pages 370-384
Glenda E. Gillies, Ilse S. Pienaar, Shiv Vohra, Zahi Qamhawi

Sex differences in cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease (Review)
Pages 385-403
Rena Li, Meharvan Singh