SFI Complex Systems Summer School (Interdisciplinary)

I am posting this course in case a closer look at complex system dynamics is of interest:

The SFI Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS) offers an intensive 4-week introduction to complex behavior in mathematical, physical, living, and social systems. Lectures are taught by the faculty of the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) and other leading educators and scholars. The school is for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and professionals seeking to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, take intellectual risks, and ask big questions about complex systems.

The program consists of an intensive series of lectures, labs, and discussions focusing on foundational concepts, tools, and current topics in complexity science. These include nonlinear dynamics, scaling theory, information theory, adaptation and evolution, networks, machine learning, agent-based models, and other topical areas and case studies. Participants collaborate in developing novel research projects throughout the four weeks of the program that culminate in final presentations and papers.

Applications are accepted from graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and professionals in any discipline. Proficiency in English and some background in science or mathematics are required. We welcome applicants from fields not traditionally represented in complex systems (eg. the humanities or visual and performing arts) who feel their work draws on or is related to the study of complex systems.

For more information, visit: https://www.santafe.edu/engage/learn/schools/sfi-complex-systems-summer-school

Application deadline: January 21, 2020.