Four Dimensions of Childhood - Day 3 Schedule
Sunday, February 13th, 2005

Sunday/Day 3: Clinical and Cultural Outcomes of Early Adverse Experiences

7:30-8:15   Breakfast
Registration and Distribution of Conference Kit
8:15-8:30   Summary of Previous Day
Douglas Hollan, PhD, UCLA

Session 9:
Clinical and Cultural Implications of Early Adverse Experiences

Neurobiological effects of childhood abuse:
Implications for the pathophysiology of depression and anxiety
Charles B. Nemeroff, MD, PhD, Emory University School of Medicine

Ethnographic Case Presentation (Film) and Interdisciplinary Roundtable-5

Longterm outcomes of social violence for 3 Indonesian families
Presenter: Robert Lemelson, PhD, FPR, UCLA
Moderator: Robert Lemelson, PhD, FPR, UCLA
Panelists: Anderson-Fye, Hilman, Iskandar-Dharmawan, Korbin
10:30-10:50   Coffee Break
10:55-11:20   Child maltreatment: The cultural context
Jill E. Korbin, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
11:20-11:45   Never leave yourself: Ethnopsychology as protective mediator of
rapid cultural change among schoolgirls in Belize
Eileen Anderson-Fye, EdD, UCLA
11:45-12:15   Commentary (10 minutes) and Discussion (20 minutes)
Summary and Future Directions
12:15-12:45   Allan J. Tobin, PhD, Managing Director, MRSSI; Professor Emeritus, Departments of Physiological Science and Neurology, UCLA; former Director, Brain Research Institute, UCLA; former Scientific Director, Hereditary Disease Foundation
Concluding Remarks
12:45-1:00   Robert Lemelson. PhD, FPR, UCLA
1:00   Adjourn

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