Four Dimensions of Childhood - Day 2 Schedule
Saturday, February 12th, 2005

Saturday/Day 2: Enculturation and Socialization Processes in Childhood

7:30-8:00   Breakfast
Registration and Distribution of Conference Kit
8:00-8:30   Summary of Previous Day
Emeran Mayer, MD, UCLA
Session 5:   Ethnographic Case Study & Interdisciplinary Roundtable-3
8:30-9:45   Inuit morality play and the Danish medical officer
Presented by Jean Briggs, PhD, Professor Emeritus,
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Moderator: Douglas Hollan, PhD, UCLA
Panelists: Pellis, Quinn, Siegel, Worthman
9:45-10:15   Coffee Break
Session 6:   Social Experience and Social Context
Session Chair: Carol M. Worthman, PhD, Emory University
10:15-10:40   The internalization of culture
Naomi Quinn, PhD, Duke University
10:40-11:05   The evolution of social play
Sergio M. Pellis, PhD, University of Lethbridge
11:05-11:30   How culture gets under the skin: Biocultural dynamics of child development
Carol M. Worthman, PhD, Emory University
11:30-12:00   Comments (10 minutes) and Discussion (20 minutes)
12:00-1:30   Lunch Break and Poster Session
Session 7:   Clinical Case Study & Interdisciplinary Roundtable-4
1:30-2:45   Clinical perspectives on early trauma
Presented by Alicia Lieberman, PhD, UCSF
Moderator: Robert S. Pynoos, MD, MPH, UCLA
Panelists: Herdt, Juvonen, Suomi, Worthman
2:45-3:15   Coffee Break
Session 8:   Initiation, Child Abuse and Bullying:
Culture and Biology in Relation to Fear Induction in Later Childhood

Session Chair: Jaana Juvonen, PhD, UCLA
3:15-3:40   Social conflict and the acquisition and expression of conditioned defeat
Kim Huhman, PhD, Georgia State University
3:40-4:05   Gene-environment interactions and the socialization of aggression in primates
Stephen J. Suomi, PhD, NICHD
4:05-4:30   Context and correlates of bullying in middle school
Jaana Juvonen, PhD, UCLA
4:30-4:55   Sambia male resocialization through ritual initiation:
Some lessons from 30 years' research
Gilbert Herdt, PhD, SFSU
4:55-5:25   Commentary (10 minutes) and Discussion (20 minutes)
5:25   Adjourn

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