Four Dimensions of Childhood - Day 1 Schedule
Friday, February 11th, 2005

Friday/Day 1: The Interface of Brain and Culture in Early Life

7:30-8:00   Breakfast
Registration and Distribution of Conference Kit
8:00-8:30   Introduction
Robert Lemelson, PhD, The Foundation for Psychocultural Research, UCLA Claudia Mitchell-Kernan, PhD, UCLA
Opening Keynote
8:30-9:00   Early relationships: An anthropological perspective
Melvin Konner, MD, PhD, Emory University
Session 1:   Ethnographic Case Study & Interdisciplinary Roundtable-1
9:00-10:15   Culture, biology, and attachment in Central Africa and the United States: An integrated evolutionary approach
Presented by Barry Hewlett, PhD, Washington State University
Moderator: Thomas Weisner, PhD, UCLA
Panelists: Hensch, Konner, LeVine, Plotsky
10:15-10:45   Coffee Break
Session 2:   Life Long Biological Effects of Infant Experience
Session Chair: Paul Plotsky, PhD, Director, Stress Neurobiology Laboratory, Emory University School of Medicine
10:45-11:10   Critical period mechanisms of experience-dependent plasticity
Takao K. Hensch, PhD, Laboratory for Neural Circuit Development, Brain Science Institute (RIKEN), Japan
11:10-11:35   Epigenetic regulation of behavior in rodents: The importance of mom
Darlene Francis, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
11:35-12:00   Rodent and primate models of vulnerability to mood disorders: Through the looking glass
Paul Plotsky, PhD, Emory University School of Medicine
12:00-12:30   Comments (10 minutes) and Discussion (20 minutes)
12:30-2:00   Lunch and Poster Session
Session 3:   Clinical Case Study & Interdisciplinary Roundtable-2
2:00-3:15   A mother-infant case study involving intergenerational violent trauma and pseudoseizures across three generations: Observations through age 4 years
Presented by Daniel S. Schechter, MD, Columbia University
Moderator: Mark Barad, MD, PhD, UCLA
Panelists: Fox, Francis, Mayer, Karp, Weisner
3:15-3:45   Coffee Break
Session 4:   Psychological and Anthropological Perspectives on
Early Attachment Relationships

Session Chair: Robert LeVine, PhD, Harvard University
3:45-4:10   Temperament and social engagement: The origins of human infant attachment
Nathan Fox, PhD, University of Maryland
4:10-4:35   Outcome correlates of parent-child bedsharing:
An eighteen-year longitudinal study
Thomas S. Weisner, PhD, UCLA
4:35-5:00   Plasticity and variation: Cultural influences on
parenting and early child development within and across populations
Robert A. LeVine, PhD, Harvard Graduate School of Education
5:00-5:30   Comments (10 minutes) and Discussion (20 minutes)
7:30-9:00   Special Keynote Panel: Implications of the tsunami disaster in the Aceh region on Indonesian children and families

Moderated by Allan J. Tobin, PhD, Managing Director, MRSSI; Professor Emeritus, UCLA; former Director, Brain Research Institute, UCLA

Cameron Hay-Rollins, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA Center for Culture and Health

Helianti Hilman, SH, LLM, Executive Director, Yayasan Bina Usaha Lingkungan (YBUL)

Douglas Hollan, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, UCLA

Livia Iskandar-Dharmawan, Dra., MA, Coordinator, Pulih Foundation - Center for The Prevention & Intervention of Psychotrauma, Jakarta, Indonesia

Melvin Konner, MD, PhD, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Anthropology and the Program in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, Emory University

Robert S. Pynoos, MD, MPH, Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA; Co-Director, National Center for Child Traumatic Stress

Geoffrey Robinson, PhD, Associate Professor of History, Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, UCLA

Stephen J. Suomi, PhD, Chief of the Laboratory of Comparative Ethology, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development


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