CMB Network Plan 2020–2021

A core objective of the CMB network was to provide our members with opportunities to (i) share and discuss your latest work, including leading-edge tools and techniques; (ii) exchange ideas; (iii) explore possibilities for collaboration, and (iv) create new pedagogical tools. 

Realities today and well into the future have disrupted face-to-face engagement, stopped or severely curtailed travel for meetings and fieldwork, and mandated a shift to distance learning and teaching.

While the overall objective remains the same, we have reconfigured activities and funding to address current needs during Covid more directly, as follows:

  1. Focused discussions: Member-driven topics, evolving as the conversations evolve.
  2. Media “best practices” and curricular development for online teaching: Focus on innovative media tools for delivering online courses and public consumption. Click on the "Read more" link below to learn what 8 CMB members are doing this summer to develop online resources!
  3. Call for proposals: A second round of funding, with proposals due in October 2020, with up to $25,000 available for grants.
  4. CMB innovation projects: Funded work in Year 3.
  5. CMB virtual network meeting (early 2021): check-in; value TBD given regular focused discussion
  6. Concluding network meeting (early 2021): In person if possible, bringing MBC to a world of change. 
July 1, 2020
Read the letters of intent from CMB members who are working on creative approaches to virtual collaboration, online teaching, and outreach.
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