June Greetings!

Some exciting developments and some sad news this month. First the good news. The McGill CMB Program is co-sponsoring a series of online events on "The New Normal." The first roundtable discussion, hosted by CMB co-director Samuel Veissière, took place on Thursday, May 21st. You can read more about it in our blog post, which includes the video. 

Sam is also featured in our member spotlight. In addition to hosting "The New Normal," Sam is lead author of "TTOM [Thinking Through Other Minds] in Action: Refining the Variational Approach to Cognition and Culture," Behavioral and Brain Sciences, which was published online on May 30th along with 29 related commentaries!

Finally, cultural psychiatrist Frederick Hickling died unexpectedly on May 7th. I've posted a link to Laurence Kirmayer and Jaswant Guzder's tribute as well as a link to Frederick Hickling's talk "Owning Our Madness."

P.S. I took the photo of chaparral yucca (aka our lord's candle) during a recent hike in the Santa Monica mountains.


CMB Member Spotlight
Samuel Veissière, PhD, McGill
Samuel Veissière, PhD, McGill
Learn more about McGill CMB co-director and CMB network member Samuel Veissière!
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CMB Blog
May 31, 2020
Social Science Perspectives on "The New Normal"
McGill's Culture, Mind, and Brain and Global Mental Health programs jointly sponsor an online roundtable discussion, hosted by McGill CMB Program co-director Samuel Veissière.
May 31, 2020
Owning Our Madness: Honoring Cultural Psychiatrist Frederick Hickling
Dr. Hickling, who died on May 7 “after a sudden illness . . . was a giant in the global movements for deinstitutionalization, community mental health and cultural psychiatry,” according…
Santa Monica Mountains
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