General Announcements

Our first funding cycle is underway! This is a gentle reminder that the deadline for proposals for workshops, research travel grants, and curriculum development is June 1st.

We particularly wish to support collaborations among network members and encourage you to take the time to peruse the CMB member directory for possible partners!

For additional information on submitting more than one application per funding cycle, flexible deadlines, and the grant review process, see our FAQ.

Highlights from Our Members
The Sound of Madness
Can We Treat Psychosis by Listening to the Voices in Our Heads? Harper's Magazine April 30, 2019

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What Is Consciousness, and Could Machines Have It?
Stanislas Dehaene, Hakwan Lau, Sid Kouider

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Latest news
Social & Affective Neuroscience Society 2019 Program
Click here to view the full program of the SANS 2019 Annual Meeting on May 2–4.
Critical Neuroscience Workshop at McGill (June 10–14, 2019)
FPR-McGill 2019 Summer Workshop in Social & Cultural Neuroscience (June 17–21)
Includes the following CMB members: Suparna Choudhury, Laurence Kirmayer, Brandon Kohrt, Tanya Luhrmann, and Jeffrey Snodgrass. Learn more here.
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