Session 1, Ethnographic Case Study & Interdisciplinary Roundtable-1:
Thomas S. Weisner, PhD, UCLA (Moderator)

Session 2, Early Neural Development:
Paul Plotsky, PhD, Emory University (Chair)

Session 3, Clinical Case Study & Interdisciplinary Roundtable-2:
Mark Barad, MD, PhD, UCLA (Moderator)

Session 4, Psychological and Anthropological Perspective on Early Attachment Relationships:
Robert LeVine, PhD, Harvard University (Chair)

Session 5, Ethnographic Case Study & Interdisciplinary Roundtable-3:
Douglas Hollan, PhD, UCLA (Moderator)

Session 6, Social Experience and Social Context:
Carol Worthman, PhD, Emory University (Chair)

Session 7, Clinical Case Study & Interdisciplinary Roundtable-4
Robert Pynoos, MD, MPH, UCLA (Moderator)

Session 8, Initiation, Child Abuse and Bullying:
Culture and Biology in Relation to Fear Induction in Later Childhood
Jaana Juvonen, PhD, UCLA (Chair)

Session 9, Ethnographic Case Presentation (Film) and Interdisciplinary Roundtable-4
Laurence Kirmayer, MD, McGill University (Moderator)

Session 10, Clinical and Cultural Implications of Early Adverse Experiences:
Charles Nemeroff, MD, PhD, Emory University (Chair)

Session 11, Resilience in Development
To be announced

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