FPR: Strategy

In our strategy FPR seeks to do the following:

  • Highlight, support, and build on, examples of integrative research and training programs that can serve as models;

  • Nurture new, young investigators trained in interdisciplinary environments to help them through the 'gap period' between graduate school and their first positions, while preparing them to become future leaders of integrative research and scholarship;

  • Support existing, or create new, training programs capable of exposing students and fellows to an environment in which these integrative research approaches are the norm, and which instill in them the motivation and means for conducting high quality research;

  • Create and support opportunities for foreign students to study relevant interdisciplinary research methods;

  • Support neuroscientists to collaborate with Psychocultural researchers; and

  • Develop a national and international network of scholars with an interest in the Foundation's mission.

Please Note: The FPR makes grants only to pre-selected educational organizations, and to graduate fellows through the FPR postdoctoral fellowships at UCLA. The FPR does not accept unsolicited requests for funds.

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